Onanong Swimwear is a vibrant new swimwear collection by Mekhi Phifer and Oni Souratha. 'Onanong' is a Thai word which means 'beautiful'. Established in and based out of the city of Los Angeles, the line reflects the dichotomy in the way the city is the center of both the entertainment and music industries, even though it keeps the laid back attitude of California.

Together, the founders unveiled a preview collection of Onanong Swimwear in 2010, and was formally launched the following year. Phifer and Souratha plan to cover the gamut of the swimwear market from men's and women's, as well as children's. They aim to make Onanong Swimwear the fashion world's latest sensation.

About the Founders:

Mekhi Phifer is a famous film and television actor who debuted in Spike Lee's "Clockers". Since then, he gathered an impressive string of credits from ""8-Mile" to hit television shows such as "E.R." and "Lie to Me". A native of New York, Mekhi provides the company with a disciplined East Coast expedience and savvy entrepreneurial sense. He also acts as the chairman of the board of trustees of NGOs which are focused on providing education to African universities.

Oni Souratha grew up in the West Coast and is very familiar with the industry. At an early age, Oni tagged along her sister who worked for a swimwear company. It was there were she got exposed to designing and runway presentations, which inspired her to become a wardrobe stylist. In her career, she designed wardrobes for music videos, and took part in the production of music videos for famous artists like Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, and Celine Dion, among others. In between projects, she developed her ideas for a swimwear line and carefully looked for fabric sourcing and manufacturing facilities. Mekhi Phifer, her co-founder, helped her in establishing a business plan and financing to start their very own company, Onanong Swimwear.